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Product Features

Feature One

Easily manage Jobs, connected candidates and their status

All your jobs and candidates can be easily managed within one simple dashboard.

Easily compare candidates across key jobshape criteria so you can make data driven decisions. Then, if desired, dive deeper into the behavioural insight of individual candidates so you can perform more effective interviews and select employess that fit not just the role, but future teams and the company as a whole.

  • Measure fit across Jobshape dimensions
  • Sort, rank and select candidates with the best predicted success.
  • Easily access each candidate's detailed insight report.
  • Interviewing is more effective, with better data and decision-making.

Feature Two

Engaging candidate experience responsive across devices

Having an effective hiring process not only ensures that you hire the right person but also ensures you create a positive relationship with each and every candidate, hired or not. This is why Jobshape delivers an engaging assessment experience that candidates will enjoy, supporting your brand and reputation

  • Increases completion rates and quality of data
  • Reduces the time and cost of interviewing unsuitable candidates.
  • Supports a data-driven hiring strategy.
  • Provides feedback to those that are short-listed as well as those who are not selected.

Feature Three

Automagically generated insights into personality and fit to role, team and culture

Jobshape’s clever technology automatically translates your requirements into objective behavioural criteria candidates can be compared across from traits to team role preferences.

View a list of your candidates, scored and ranked across 23 traits, 16 personality types and team role preferences. Additionally:

  • See detailed scores and full insight reports for selected individual candidates.
  • Includes data driven feedback using the most widely used personality models.
  • Graphical personality spectrum for an overview of someone across multiple traits.
  • Print reports to use in interviews to empower better conversations and selection decisions.

Feature Four

Compare candidates across fit criteria and culture match to team skills and values

Jobshape provides a holistic personality summary and enables you to compare and contrast different profiles within a team including how preferences manifest and shape communication and behaviour.

  • Team analytics visualises and quantifies team dynamics.
  • Identify areas of strengths and potential pitfalls resulting from a lack of team balance.
  • Get an overview of team members with ‘nutshell’ profiles or share and view full reports.
  • Build and appraise teams.
  • Benchmark across the organisation.